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2016-2 Wedding So Easy Book Cover

Posted Friday, June 10, 2016
Here is the cover of our newest book – Wedding So Easy, Utah’s Premier Guide to Wedding Professionals.

Thanks to Kelly from Wasatch Portrait Photography for the shot!
Also view the online version of Wedding So Easy Utah’s Premier Guide to Wedding Professionals.
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The Pros And Cons Of A Destination Wedding

Posted Thursday, April 21, 2016
Here are a few of the pros and cons of a destination wedding. Consider them carefully and decide whether it is the right idea for you and your special someone.

Many brides and grooms are swept away with the idea of a destination wedding. So much so that they jump right into planning that special getaway without considering what it means, what it will cost, or what might go wrong. 

For most, there is no day more important or more memorable than your wedding day. It is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. Yet, for some, it winds up being something other than what they expected. Why? Because they didn't research and plan ahead.  Instead of rushing the most important day of your life, you should stop, take a breather and weigh the pros and cons of the idea.

Yes, even wedding days have their pros and cons. Here are a few of the pros and cons of a destination wedding. Consider them carefully and decide whether it is the right idea for you and your special someone.

Pro: Shrink That Guest List

For some people, this might not be considered a pro, but for most, the ability to reduce the guest list without seeming rude is a serious benefit. You won't necessarily have to “not invite” anyone, but some simply will not be able to attend because of the travel. Depending on the destination you choose, there may be a max occupancy, as well. For example, some wedding destinations tucked away in national parks have a maximum guest capacity of 25 people.

If you were searching for that perfect reason not to invite your uncle that always drinks or your cousin who starts drama, then a destination wedding may be the perfect solution.

Pro: A One-Of-A-Kind Wedding

A lot of traditional weddings seem to follow a fairly standard set-up and routine. Destination weddings, on the other hand, offer you and the guests a chance to experience something new and unique. How different? That all depends on the destination you choose.

With a destination wedding, you can experience a new culture, new scenery, and new cuisine while guaranteeing that your wedding is not one to be forgotten.

Pro: Reduced Costs

This one is a bit tricky. In many cases, a destination wedding can actually be more affordable than a local wedding. The cost of airfare and a hotel stay might offset those savings some. The guests will all pay for their own way and the wedding ceremony is usually purchased as part of a package deal. However, a small, simple wedding at home can still be more affordable.

Con: Confusing Legalities

Whether you are going from state-to-state or country-to-country, different areas have their own laws when it comes to marriage, ceremonies, and what is legally binding. You will have to take the time to research the local laws and make sure you are able to be legally married without jumping through any extra hoops.

In a worst case scenario, you may have to host a separate legal ceremony at home before you travel to your destination wedding. Either way, you need to know what to expect and what is required of you before you send out the invitations.

Con: Guests You Like Cannot Attend

Yes, shrinking the guest list is a pro when it is excluding the people you do not want to come, but what about those whom you do want to come? Unfortunately, you have to take the bad with the good. It is very likely that some of the guests you really want to attend simply won't be able to make it.

Seniors may have trouble traveling. Maybe some of the guests cannot afford the airfare and hotel prices. If it is crucial that these people are there for your wedding, then you may have to choose a venue closer to home.

Destination weddings can be amazing and unforgettable. They can also be troublesome and stressful. Take the time to weigh each pro and con carefully before committing to any specific destination.

Jay McKay is a successful business owner who enjoys spending time with his family. Check out his site, <a href=""></a> for a wide variety of both custom designed and traditional wedding rings.



2016-1 Wedding So Easy Book Cover

Posted Friday, January 01, 2016
Here is the cover of our newest book – Wedding So Easy, Utah’s Premier Guide to Wedding Professionals.

Thanks to Al from AA Professional Photography for the shot!

Also view the online version of Wedding So Easy Utah’s Premier Guide to Wedding Professionals.

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7 Complimentary Wedding Flowers for Roses

Posted Wednesday, November 18, 2015
While roses are the go-to flower for weddings, they are not the only bloom that can make an impact and provide the ‘WOW’ factor at a wedding.

Roses are the traditional wedding flower for bridal bouquets and other decor surrounding the festive occasion. While roses are the go-to flower for weddings, they are not the only bloom that can make an impact and provide the ‘WOW’ factor at a wedding. Mixing the rose with other flowers is a way to stay true to tradition while putting your own personal stamp of floral color and style on your wedding.

Consider some of these complimentary wedding flowers that combine well with roses for your special occasion.

Stargazer Lily

Aptly named due to the star shape of the bloom, the Stargazer lily comes in a wide array of bloom colors that will blend in well or contrast with the wedding rose choice. The six-petal bloom will compliment other flowers instead of compete with them.

Calla Lilies

The calla lily provides an unusual bloom style with a wide variety of colors that allow this bloom to compliment any rose color. The stark green stem topped with a unique bloom in pale green, orange, pink, purple or pure white can easily be mixed in to any rose-based floral arrangement.


Fresh and fun, the blooms from the single-petal daisy will add a touch of whimsy to the wedding flowers. The white daisy blooms will complement and enhance any rose bloom color and can be dyed to match any wedding color theme.


When you want to ‘go big’ with floral arrangements, hydrangeas are some of the largest blooms produced. The large bloom heads consist of a multitude of tiny flowers, so the hydrangea bloom can be divided and used in many complimentary ways in wedding decor. Bloom colors vary also.


Large, colorful and long lasting blooms make the Dahlia a good partner for rose decor. A single dahlia bloom is born on each plant stem and makes a good stand-alone or complimentary floral bloom.


When fragrance is desired as well as beauty, the large peony bloom will deliver. Peonies come in many different bloom colors and the large single blooms are born on straight stems, making them a good choice for many decorative ideas.

Grape Hyacinths

On the opposite end of the size spectrum are diminutive grape hyacinths. The bloom is about one inch long and looks like a cluster of bluish-purple grapes. The foliage is deep green and needle-like in shape, making the entire grape hyacinth a wonderful complimentary flower to be tucked in among the roses and other wedding flowers.

Leave a comment and let us know what flowers you like best for your wedding.

Bio: Roxy is a garden enthusiast who runs


A Brides Guide to Choosing Flowers and Greenery

Posted Wednesday, November 04, 2015
Choosing the flowers for your wedding day is no small task. Here are some hints about Choosing Flowers and Greenery Based on Symbolism.

Planning a wedding is one of the most difficult, yet rewarding things a lady has to do in her lifetime. Your wedding day is one of the most anticipated days in your life. Think about it, since you were a young girl, you have been dreaming of the perfect wedding, filled with beautiful flowers, a flowing wedding gown, a handsome groom and a beautiful venue filled with your friends and family members celebrating this joyous occasion with you.

Choosing the flowers for your wedding day is no small task. You need flowers for your bouquet, your bridesmaids’ bouquets, corsages for important family members, such as the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, boutonnieres for the men in the wedding party, flowers for the wedding venue and flowers for the reception. The following information will help you choose flowers and greenery based on symbolism.

Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

There are several things to consider when choosing flowers for your wedding, including color, symbolism and your budget. Your florist can help you determine a budget, show you different floral combinations and design unique floral arrangements that will set your wedding apart from other weddings.

When it comes to wedding flowers, there are so many options. Some of the most common flowers used in weddings, include Calla Lilies, Roses, Baby’s Breath, Hydrangeas, Carnations, Mums, Freesias and Peonies. Do you know each flower has a distinct meaning? Here are the meanings of some of the most popular wedding flowers:

Baby’s Breath
Baby’s Breath symbolizes purity of heart.  Include this flower in your arrangements to remind you of the innocence and gentleness you experienced during your courtship.

Calla Lilies
Calla Lilies often are associated with faith and purity. This magnificent flower represents refinement and beauty. It is the perfect choice for brides wishing to carry an elegant, yet simple bouquet.


Carnations are symbolic of enduring love. This flower features ruffling petals tightly woven together signifying the unity and love between you and your groom.

A Freesia is a delicate flower that symbolizes trust. Using this flower in arrangements symbolizes that you trust in the love felt between you and your partner.

Hydrangeas represent destiny. By incorporating hydrangeas into your wedding flowers, you are declaring that your wedding is the destiny you have always dreamed of.

Mums, also known as Chrysanthemums, symbolize the everlasting covenant you will be declaring in your wedding vows. This flower features a starburst pattern and comes in a variety of colors, making it the perfect flower to incorporate into your floral arrangements.

Peonies are delicate flowers that represent good fortune and blessing. This flower is one of the most romantic flowers available. These delightfully scented flowers were extremely popular during the Victorian Era.


 Roses symbolize everlasting love. Incorporating roses into your wedding speaks to the heart and spirit of everyone involved in your wedding. It says that this marriage is a unity of everlasting commitment and love.

Choosing Greenery for Your Wedding

In addition to choosing flowers, you will need to choose a variety of greenery to help add texture, depth and dimension to your floral arrangements.  Much like the flowers you choose for your floral arrangements, the greenery and fillers you choose can speak volumes about your special day. Check out these meanings of a variety of greenery options:

Bells of Ireland
Bells of Ireland are often used in weddings to symbolize luck. This greenery features a long stem of bell shaped green clusters.

Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller represents joy. Each stem features lacy, velvety soft silver sage foliage and works perfectly with delicate flowers, such as peonies or roses.

There are numerous varieties of ferns, each with its own texture and color. Some ferns feature delicate, lacy fronds, while others feature spiky fronds. Most ferns are bright green and embody grace, confidence and uniqueness of character.


Ivy is the perfect choice for greenery in your wedding. The color of ivy ranges from a deep green to a pale green with a white outline. This greenery symbolizes fidelity, love and affection.

Myrtle symbolizes love and marriage. This greenery has been used in the bouquets of royalty since Queen Victoria. It features long green stems with small, intricate leaves.

Choosing flowers and greenery for your floral arrangements is not limited to the choices discussed above. Many of today’s brides choose flowers and greenery based on color, shape, scent or symbolism.

When it comes to choosing flowers and greenery for your wedding, the only thing that limits you is your imagination.

Article by: Jonathan Leger
Jonathan is a gardening and photography enthusiast. His site,, contains information about the history and meaning of numerous rose varieties, as well as gardening and growing tips and tricks.

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2015-3 Wedding So Easy Book Cover

Posted Thursday, September 24, 2015
Here is the cover of our newest book – Wedding So Easy – Utah’s Premiere Guide to Wedding Professionals

Thanks to MJ from My Style Photography for the shot!

Also view the online version of Wedding So Easy – Utah’s Premier Guide to Wedding Professionals.

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Peter Pan Inspired Wedding Cake

Posted Friday, August 28, 2015
Are you ever too old for a Peter Pan wedding cake?

Make all of your wedding dreams come true with the perfect man, pixie dust and this cake.

For more ideas see:

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How to Prioritize Your Wedding Budget

Posted Tuesday, August 04, 2015
When you’re planning your Salt Lake City wedding, be sure to follow these tips for deciding on a budget!

Weddings can be overwhelming, but the stress and anxiety of your wedding budget shouldn’t overshadow the excitement and exhilaration surrounding your big day. Budgets are scary and time-consuming but they are also a necessary part of planning the best day of your life. That’s why we have compiled a list of five steps to help you prioritize your wedding budget.


Pick the Number

Just do it. Write down your realistic budget number. Take into account a few things: Are you and your fiancé the only sources of money, or are parents or grandparents chipping in to help you with your big day? Commit to a solid number, one that you can work with, so while you’re planning there are no big surprises in the finance department.

Write it Out

Get it all out there. Make a list of anything and everything that has to do with your wedding: entertainment, food, dress, invitations, centerpieces, location, photo, video, bridal party gifts, and rings! The list goes on and on. Get everything on paper, even the smallest details. Categorize your small details into bigger groups. For example, flowers, centerpieces, and miscellaneous items might go into a larger category of “decorations.”

Discuss and List

Sit down with your fiancé and talk about what’s important for your wedding. What will your fiancé care about more: a rocking DJ or delicious food? Are you willing to spend more money on a dress or your rings? Your list should be ordered from most to least important. This will help you find your essentials. We can’t all arrive in a horse and buggy carriage (thanks for the expectations though, William and Kate). When you prioritize, it’s easier to allocate money to what is most important for you on your big day.

Research and Mini-budgets

Now’s the time to find out exactly how much those cute bridal party gifts will cost you. Research your essentials - the first items on your list - and then move down from there. Set mini-budgets: how much can and will you spend on each item? What less important categories can you cut to make sure you can afford your dream dress and wedding cake? This step is important because it helps you decide what is and is not realistic.

Final but Flexible

Your budget is set in stone, but the different places you allocate that budget are not. If you decide that food is more important to you than your band, move your money around. Mini-budgets are not final, they are flexible. Things change as you plan, and you might discover that a vegetarian option is more important to you than the entertainment you originally planned. Flexibility inside your budget is okay, great even, since it will help you plan the best day ever!

Now that you’ve conquered your wedding budget you’re ready to start checking other things off your Wedding Planning List from Temple Square. But remember, a wedding is more than the decorations and cake! It’s about spending the rest of your life with your best friend, your hero, and your future partner.

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10 Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Posted Friday, July 10, 2015
Check out some of our favorite ideas from around the web-

When you get engaged, the first thing you want to do is announce it to the world! Maybe your new fiance had a secret photographer set up with photos you can use for your Facebook announcement, but if not, you have the perfect opportunity to do more than the “here’s my ring” shot. Check out some of our favorite ideas from around the web before you hit “publish!”


Image via She Finds

1. Get help from a furry friend! If you or your fiance has a pet, enlist them to hold a sign spreading the good news.

Image via Wedding Wire

2. This is the classic ring shot, but in a unique, new way. Make your own mug by writing on it with a Sharpie and baking it in the oven. Then take a strategically placed photo that you can post online.


Image via Bridal Guide

3. Set up a fun photo shoot. The morning after the proposal, find a friend to take a photo that gets the point across without having to show the ring or your man down on one knee.

Image via Bridal Guide

4. Incorporate letter blocks. If one of you owns a game of Scrabble, this photo is simple and always cute. Plus, you get to show off your ring in a way that viewers might not expect.

Image via Brit & Co

5. Are you a Starbucks lover? This photo is super cute, and the addition of a lipstick stain on the “Future Mrs.” cup is a perfect touch.


Image via Loverly

6. If you’re lucky enough to get engaged during good weather, head out for a box of sidewalk chalk and draw up a masterpiece to announce your new life event.


Image via Bridal Guide

7. You can never go wrong with a chalkboard, and incorporating your last-name-to-be is a great way to announce your engagement without being too over the top.

Image via Wedding Party App

8. If you do want to do the classic ring picture, put a spin on it by including your fiance in the background of the photo. After all, he put in a lot of work to get that ring on your finger!

Image via Bridal Guide

9. This photo is cute, trendy, and does a great job of showing your engagement and both of you radiating happiness and love.

Image via Story Mix Media

10. If you really want to make your engagement announcement into an event, try throwing a party and serving up cookies like these! No one will see it coming and you’ll be able to celebrate in real time with your family and friends.

No matter how you announce your engagement, the important thing is that you enjoy this time with your husband-to-be and your families. It’s truly a turning point in life, and you have a lot of amazing things ahead! Don’t forget though - after you’re engaged, the next step is wedding planning. Download a free wedding checklist from Temple Square Hospitality to help you get started.



2015-2 Wedding So Easy Book Cover

Posted Friday, May 15, 2015
Here is the cover of our newest book – Wedding So Easy – Utah’s Premiere Guide to Wedding Professionals

Thanks to Thomas Peek Photography for the shot!

Also view the online version of Wedding So Easy – Utah’s Premier Guide to Wedding Professionals.

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7 Absolute Best Utah County Wedding Venues

Posted Thursday, March 26, 2015
You want your venue to match everything. Here are some of Utah County’s best wedding and reception locations.

He’s finally popped the question, and now it’s time to get down to the planning! You want your venue to match everything—your dress, the ring, your personality, etc. (By the way, if you haven’t chosen a ring yet, click here for some really excellent options!) Whether you’re looking for a spectacular place to say, “I do,” the perfect venues for cutting the cake and dancing, or both, this list of Utah County’s best wedding and reception locations will have what you’re looking for.

1. White Willow Reception Center

Address: 342 N. 500 W., Provo, UT
Phone: (801) 375-9793

Enjoy your wedding and reception in a gorgeous historic mansion. The hall is elegant and unique and the outdoor garden and scenery perfect for a summer wedding.


2. The Barn at Linden Nursery

Address: 535 N. State Street, Lindon, UT
Phone: (801) 318-7664

Your western-themed wedding dreams can come true with this incredible venue. Weddings and receptions can be held either indoors or outdoors, and the atmosphere is the epitome of western elegance.


3. TalonsCove Golf Club and Reception Center

Address: 2220 S. TalonsCove Drive, Saratoga Springs, UT
Phone: (801)-407-3030

TalonsCove golf club boasts a classic reception hall with a view of the beautiful course green and the mountain backdrop. You can also say your “I dos” under an incredible pillared, outdoor canopy and take photos in front of a gently flowing waterfall.


4. Rodizio Grill

Address: 749 W 100 N., American Fork, UT
Phone: (801) 463-4946

Not just great food!  Rodizio Grill is the perfect setting for an unforgettable Rehearsal Dinner, Bachelor Party, Bridal Luncheon, Wedding or Reception. With over 30 gourmet salads, and perfectly grilled items carved tableside by Brazilian Gauchos, this is a dinner your guest will never forget.  Rodizio Grill Utah Valley has a large event room that can accommodate up to 85 guests.


5. Manderley Reception Center

Address: 1675 North Freedom Boulevard #10G, Provo, UT
Phone: (801) 921-4591

Elegance for every occasion - Conveniently located in the heart of Provo, Manderley Reception Center is the perfect location for your wedding ceremony or reception.


6. Sundance Resort

Address: 8841 N. Alpine Loop Rd, Sundance, UT
Phone: (877) 533-1929

Whether the wedding of your dreams is small and simple or a lavish affair, Sundance Resort offers an unmatched setting for your special day. Set among spruce groves and wandering streams, the rustic yet elegant function spaces at Sundance combine indoor intimacy with an unrivaled outdoors experience.


7. Thanksgiving Point 

Address: 3003 Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT
Phone: (801) 768-4947

With a combination of elegant indoor facilities and lush outdoor gardens, Thanksgiving Point is the ideal location for your wedding day. While planning such an event can be daunting, the staff at Thanksgiving Point is here to make your wedding a uniquely personal event. With exquisite service and attention to every detail we will ensure that your wedding day is absolutely flawless.

When it comes to the perfect wedding venues, Utah County has it all.

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla

Posted Friday, March 20, 2015
There are few things in this world as beautiful and inspiring as the bonds of matrimony. The following tips are proven to help control the beast within, and leave the desired memories of your wedding day.

Two individuals coming together in heart, mind, and purpose, often causes supporters and peers to reflect on the important matters of life, and set goals to improve their own lives. Marriage is an event that transforms two, into one, and is often as spectacular as a caterpillar transforming into a majestic butterfly.

However, among the beauty and glamour of this beautiful event, lies a deep and dark being, that if given allowance, can destroy the event in its entirety. Some have used words such as psychotic, insane, scary, and even horrifying to describe this being, or what is often referred to, as the infamous Bridezilla.

Being accompanied by a tornado of attitudes, mood swings, selfish rages, controlling behaviors, and undetected outbursts, Bridezillas can leave lasting, and often terrible scars. This being is found within all brides, but with proper actions, and help from friends and loved ones, this issue can be dramatically mitigated.

The following tips are proven to help control this beast within, and leave the desired memories of such glorious ceremonies.

Tip #1: All the small things

Remember that the major take away for you and your guests, are the feelings of inspiration and love. Your peers and loved ones won’t remember that your fiancé’s tie didn’t exactly match your color scheme, or that your weird uncle wore sandals with his tuxedo. It is extremely important to keep perspective, and know that the wedding is just one day in your life, and that sweating the small things is not worth it.

Tip #2: Control Freak

There will be countless things that will be entirely out of your control. Know and understand this. Accepting that you cannot control everything is an extremely beneficial state of mind, and will in turn allow you to roll with the punches when something unexpected comes along. “Freaking out” is usually more memorable than a small mishap.

Tip #3: Minions

With friends, family, and loved ones at hand, understand that delegating responsibility is absolutely and completely ok! It is your big day, and your supporters want it to run smoothly just as badly as you do. Delegating responsibilities will not only ease your stress, but give confidence and feelings of importance to those you ask. As always, they may act as minions doing as you say, but they are your loved ones and will be around much longer than the wedding day, so treat them with respect.

Tip #4: Boundaries

When planning for the wedding, it is very important to set boundaries, or allotted times during the day when you can and cannot plan. An example of a time allotment, would be planning from 10 am to 1 pm, taking a break from 1 to 3 pm, and continuing your planning from 3 to 9 pm. Sticking to your time allotments will help you and your assistants take a break from the planning, and let you think on the things you’ve gone over.

Tip #5: Spectrum

Focus on the big picture. What is it you want people to come away with? What is it that you want to remember most about your wedding day? Take a step back and go over tips 1-4, and make it a point to reach for the main goal. Like previously stated, your wedding is just one day, but the memories will last forever.

If you or someone you know has fallen victim to, or is suffering from this destructive disorder, please share these tips. If we all stick together, and work towards a common goal, we can prevent the spread of this terrible disease, and love and happiness will triumph over all!

Tips brought to you by Margene’s Bridal of Idaho Falls.



2015-1 Wedding So Easy Book Cover

Posted Wednesday, January 07, 2015
Here is the cover of our newest book – Wedding So Easy – Utah’s Premiere Guide to Wedding Professionals

Thanks to BryCox Studio for the shot!


Also view the online version of Wedding So Easy – Utah’s Premier Guide to Wedding Professionals.

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Featured Wedding - Jessica and Michael

Posted Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Here are the details and highlight pictures of this Featured Wedding!
Bride Name: Jessica Hunt

Groom Name: Michael Doxey

How you met: My boss set us up on a blind date! I always tell people to go on blind dates because you never know…it might be the best thing you’ll ever do! :)

How he proposed: Michael knows how to get to my heart.  He talked to my dad to ask for my hand and my dad said yes!  However, we wanted to wait for the custom ring before we made it official and told everyone else.  One day Michael set up this whole scheme where I thought we were just taking my mom to my sister’s house and then he and I would go do something else.  Little did I know, that was his plot to get my whole family together in one place.  We pulled up to my sister’s house and her kids came running out to see us – typical cuteness from them.  My little 8 year old niece asked me if Michael had proposed to me yet.  I laughed and told her no - those kids always asked cute questions like that so I didn’t think anything of it.  We went into my sister’s house and my niece said Michael should just ask me to marry him right now.   I just laughed it off – I thought she was being silly.  Then my nephew said the same thing. I just kept laughing.  Then Michael asked my little 3 year old niece if she also thought he should ask me right now.  My heart stopped. Was he going to propose?!   Naturally my little niece said yes, and Michael dropped down on one knee and asked.  I couldn’t believe it was happening! I had no idea!  It was so fun to have my family in on the surprise and it was adorable how Michael got my sister’s kids to participate!  So special! :)

Gown Shop / Designer: Bridal Corner Gowns and Tuxedos

Ceremony Site: Salt Lake City LDS Temple

Reception Site: Joseph Smith Memorial Building | Sharon Manchestor Room

Cake: A friend made this for us

Flowers: Flowers Squared

Food / Catering: Joseph Smith Memorial Building Catering

Formal Wear: Tux from Fifth Avenue Tuxedos

Hair: Artistic Hair

Invitations: Friend designed them for us

Jewelry: Bridal Corner Gowns and Tuxedos

Music / Entertainment: Joseph Smith Memorial Building Wedding Music Playlist

Photography: Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen Photography

Decorations / Rentals: Flowers Squared and DIY Picture Frames and Quotes

Video: Nathan Pickett Films

Honeymoon Destination: Cruise to the Bahamas

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Would you like to have your wedding featured here? Please click on the contact page and let us know. We will email an application to you.


2014-3 Wedding So Easy Book Cover

Posted Monday, September 15, 2014
Here is the cover of our newest book – Wedding So Easy – Utah’s Premiere Guide to Wedding Professionals
Thanks to Photography by Stacey Moss for the shot!


Also view the online version of Wedding So Easy – Utah’s Premier Guide to Wedding Professionals.

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Is this year's wedding status symbol 12-13-14?

Posted Thursday, August 07, 2014
Leave a comment and tell us what the best wedding date you know of is??

While summer is normally prime time for nuptials, the hottest wedding date this year is in December.

Couples are desperately hoping to tie the knot Dec. 13 — 12/13/14.

Jennifer Krysiak, 31, who works as an educational director of a preschool in Queens, was inspired by a friend who married on 7/7/07.

“I wanted to have a cool wedding date, too,” Krysiak says. “I always wanted a winter wedding, so I originally picked Dec. 6. But that wasn’t cool, and when I found out that 12/13/14 fell on a Saturday, I knew I had to pick it. We started planning as soon as we got engaged last September.”

Some 20,000 couples marry in the US on 12/13/14, according to a David’s Bridal poll — about 7,200 pairs wed the same weekend last year.

But it won’t be easy for everybody who vows to get hitched that day.

“We’ve had to turn a lot of people away,” says Julie Miller, the production manager at The Foundry, a popular venue in Long Island City (and where the character Jessa was married on HBO’s “Girls”). “We’ve gotten 20 requests for the day since we booked it [a few months back], and December is generally a quiet month for us.”

New York-based DJ company Scratch Weddings says they’ve seen a 300 percent increase in requests over the same weekend last winter.

Columbia University law student Zila Acosta called all over town looking for a venue to host her 12/13/14 wedding. “There were tons of places that I looked at that were like, ‘We’re booked. We’ve been booked,’ ” she says. “A lot of the main hotels told me, ‘We have, like, three interested couples ahead of you.’ ” The 25-year-old brideto- be was finally able to score her school’s Low Library Rotunda for the reception.

Cassandra Gray, a Staten Island real estate agent, feels lucky she got the date. “My dad was born on the 13th,” says Gray, 39. “I like it because most people think it’s an unlucky number, but anywhere I see the number 13, I see it as lucky.”

Wedding stores are gearing up for the crush.

“I’ll put extra staff on the night before and the morning of, just to be prepared for those brides who walk in and need a dress that morning,” says Stacey Rywelski, the store manager of Chelsea’s David’s Bridal, who saw a spike in City Hall brides desperate for a dress the morning of 11/12/13. (Last year, on Tuesday, 11/12/13, City Hall saw twice as many weddings as a typical Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported.)

And venues across the country are hoping to cash in. Many hotels and chapels in Las Vegas are advertising 12/13/14 wedding packages — Caesars Palace is offering a chapel ceremony with two buffet lunches for $1,213.14. And one lucky couple already snagged the “12, 13, 14 . . . Eternity” package on Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys. The resort there offered the package for $195,000, which bought the pair the entire private island for the weekend.

With demand, of course, prices may increase, says Jamie Miles, editor of theknot. com. “Ask in advance before booking the venue, because if you know two weeks later, ‘I could do this and it would be a quarter of the cost,’ it might be worth waiting — it depends on how set you are on getting married on that day.”

If a sequential wedding date is a must-have and it’s too late for December, you’ll have to wait another two decades for Jan. 2, 2034 — or 1/2/34.

By Kate Storey  July 21, 2014 - For more info see:  

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Top 25 Wedding Planning Tips Graphic

Posted Friday, June 20, 2014
So you are planning a wedding. Are you facing so many wedding planning details that you are going crazy? Here are some wedding planning tips from brides that have been through what you are now experiencing.
From Style Unveiled, the top 25 wedding planning tips are:

1. Take Your Time

2. Be Present In Each Moment

3. Do a First Look

4. Don’t Get Caught Up In “Perfection”

5. Keep It Simple

6. Eat!

7. Keep the Big Picture in Mind

8. Hire a Day-Of Coordinator

9. Don’t Sweat the Little Things

10. Make Wedding Appointments Fun!

11. Let Your Creativity Flow

12. Finish Your To-Do List Early

13. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

14. Take One Thing at a Time

15. Share Something Personal and Unique With Your Guests

16. Try Not To Stress (Even When It Seems Impossible)

17. Have Faith That All of Your Efforts Will Be Worth It

18. Accept That You Can’t Please Everyone

19. Be a Team throughout the Entire Process

20. Remind Yourself what’s Truly Important

21. Celebrate Your Love (And Let Others Share Your Joy)

22. Don’t Get Too Caught Up In the Details

23. Take Time to Enjoy Each Other’s Company

24. Kiss Your Husband As Many Times As You Can

25. Consider the Environment When Planning Your Wedding

For more details, go to

























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4 Utah Siblings Have Same Day Wedding

Posted Thursday, June 19, 2014
Three sisters and their brother married their respective partners and had a joint wedding reception on the same day!

A St. George Utah family celebrated four weddings in one day.  Three sisters and their brother married their respective partners and had a joint wedding reception on Saturday, June 14.

The siblings — some biological and some adopted — had always been close, but after the tragic, sudden death of their oldest brother last year; they grew even closer as a family.

So when 23-year-old Grace Fortney got engaged to Nick, she knew she wanted to wait to get married until her brother Marcus returned from his Mormon mission.  But while he was away, her two sisters, Meagan, 23, and Jessica, 19, began dating two close friends (Taylor and Kipp, respectively).  When Marcus returned, he started planning his own wedding to his longtime girlfriend, Blaire.  Always putting family first, the four engaged couples decided to share their wedding celebrations.

“With most families, this would not work," Grace told KSL of the arrangement. "Thankfully I have wonderful, wonderful sisters and a wonderful brother.”

Each couple had their own 30-minute ceremony at the St. George Utah Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  This was followed by a big communal wedding reception at a local ballroom with 1,000 guests attending.  All of the family pitched in to make it a family affair.  Kevin's sister is a florist and helped with the wedding flowers.  Members of all five families pitched in to help make centerpieces.  Amber Davis, who is a Fortney family friend, volunteered for the wedding photography.

After the reception, the siblings left on separate honeymoons, but the day itself was all about the family. The father Kevin said, “There are few things that can compare to the fullness of joy that you feel when your children are happy.” 

Additional info and video:

What do you think?  Would you do this for your wedding??

3 Reasons You Should Have A Wedding Video

Posted Wednesday, June 04, 2014
While planning your wedding, you need to insist on a wedding video. Here are our top 3 reasons why you should make room for a wedding video in your budget.
While planning your wedding, you need to insist on a wedding video.  One of the top pieces of advice you will receive is to hire a wedding photographer you love. And we wholeheartedly agree -- your photographer will capture photos of every detail you have so carefully selected, the emotion on the faces of friends and family while you and your love recite your vows, treasured portraits of your family members in attendance and so much more.

But there’s another vendor who deserves a second look. Someone who will capture your day and turn it into a movie your kids might just fall in love with years down the line, but who is typically dropped to the bottom of the have-to-have vendor totem pole: a wedding videographer. Here are our top three reasons why you should make room for a wedding video in your budget.

1. It's a time capsule. Both pictures and videos have an unreal quality: they can stop time. But videos allow you to see and hear your grandfather’s joy as you invite him onto the dance floor for a special dance alone with you. You can watch your young cousin walk down the aisle as your flower girl again and again when she leaves for college. Some of your loved ones will unfortunately pass away, while others will grow older. Your wedding video will capture them just as they are now for you to save forever.

2. For the moments you didn’t see. While you’re getting ready, your love is getting ready too. How did the other half of your wedding party spend their morning? You’re both likely wondering the same thing. You and your sweetheart may also be wondering how guests reacted when they saw your reception space and wedding decor for the first time, or how the dance-off that lasted for 15 minutes really started. Your wedding videographer will capture all of the moments you missed so you can watch them unfold later.

3. For the moving pictures. The biggest reason to have a wedding video is because it will create a moving picture of your day. You can relive your wedding morning and the conversations you and your bridesmaids shared as well as your emotion-filled walk down the aisle. Every move you made during your first dance can be watched again and again. And you can also see and hear all of the small moments that happened too -– the words exchanged with your beloved after you recessed down the aisle, the kiss that your flower girl planted on your ring bearer. Your wedding day is busy, but you don’t want your actions to become a blur. Your wedding videographer won’t allow that to happen.

By Kellee Khalil from

Please leave a comment and tell us: will you hire a wedding videographer?  Why or why not?


Choosing the Perfect Wedding Engagement Diamond

Posted Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Know your 4 C's; Cut, Clarity, Carat, Color as well as the diamond shape before deciding on a Wedding Engagement Ring. This info-graphic will help.

Your jeweler will let you look at loose diamonds, and once you have chosen the one you like then you can pick out the setting. You can also get a wedding engagement ring that is already preset.

Diamond Shapes:

There are a variety of diamond shapes to choose from including round, princess, pear, cushion, heart, asscher, oval, emerald, marquise and radiant.

Diamond Cuts:

The cut determines the diamond's reflective qualities and directly influences its value. A diamond's cut affects its brilliance. The better the cut, the brighter the diamond appears. When a diamond is well cut, light enters through the table, travels to the pavilion and reflects from side-to-side, then pours out so the eye can see its fiery brilliance.

Diamond Clarity:

Most diamonds contain very tiny natural characteristics called "inclusions." The size, number, position, nature and color of these inclusions (as seen by the trained eye using 10 power magnification) will determine a stone's clarity grade.

FL and IF indicate an internally flawless diamond. VVS1 and VVS2 indicate a diamond with very, very slight inclusions. VS1 and VS2 indicate a diamond with very slight inclusions. SI1 and SI2 indicate a diamond with slight inclusions. I1, I2 or I3 indicate a diamond with eye visual inclusions.


Carat weight is the standard measure of a diamond's weight. The larger the diamond, the more rare it is.

Diamond Colors:

In nature, diamonds are found with a wide array of color – from colorless, to faint yellow or even brown, to rare pinks, blues, greens, and other colors known as "fancies." Most diamonds have at least a trace of yellow, brown or grey body color. Diamonds that are graded D, E, and F are considered colorless. Diamonds graded G, H, and I are considered near-colorless.

Don't listen to that old myth about spending 2 months of your salary on a wedding ring. Buy the best ring you can afford without going into major debt.

50 percent of women would rather a man splurge on the diamonds rather than the proposal as most would be satisfied with a simple, inexpensive, romantic proposal at a park.

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